Sunday, June 8, 2008

We've arrived

7/2012 Update:  a series of blog entries from a Norway cruise I was fortunate enough to take in the Summer of 2008. Although it feels funny to have relayed trip updates via a blog, it was a pre-Facebook way of telling friends/family about my travels.

Hello all,

It looks like we survived the flight to London and are on our way!

The flight was pretty okay; I'm a sucker for gizmos and frivolous tech features such as the updating screens that tell you where you are on the trip (and speed, altitude, etc).  As most of you know, I'm not your word's biggest fan of flying.  This one went about as well as if could have.

We're hanging around London tomorrow and then we're off for the MS. Rotterdam on Tuesday.  When I'm less exhausted, I'll post more details and some pictures.

Here's a small map outlining our trip once we leave England:

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