Monday, June 23, 2008


7/2012 Update:  a series of blog entries from a Norway cruise I was fortunate enough to take in the Summer of 2008. Although it feels funny to have relayed trip updates via a blog, it was a pre-Facebook way of telling friends/family about my travels.

Kristiansand was a bit of a low key sort of day for us.  Once again, we had no planned excursion and spent the late morning/early afternoon walking around the downtown/retail shops area.  The weather was much better with some periods of actual sun!  We didn't really make it to any notable sites, but had a nice time hanging out in the area.  We headed back to the Rotterdam for our departure around 4 PM for Copenhagen.  Tonight we're sailing through a rough stretch of sea that lies between Norway and Denmark.  There's a lot of wind and the ship is really rolling a lot (nothing serious, but there's quite a difference between this and the calmer waters.  The waves outside are really something to see.  Here's a shot Bruce took while I was videotaping some ocean action.

Of course, tonight is our last night aboard the Rotterdam.  We're all getting packed up and ready to leave the ship early tomorrow morning.  The Rotterdam continues on to the Baltic area with a mostly new group of passengers and they won't stay in Copenhagen more than about 8 hours.  That means we need to be out of here early.  We'll be taking taxis to our hotels and hopefully be able to work in some sights tomorrow.  We're all sorry to be leaving all the luxuries and comforts we've had here for the past 14 days, but I'm ready to be headed home.

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