Sunday, June 15, 2008

Arctic Circle

7/2012 Update:  a series of blog entries from a Norway cruise I was fortunate enough to take in the Summer of 2008. Although it feels funny to have relayed trip updates via a blog, it was a pre-Facebook way of telling friends/family about my travels.

Another day at sea.  We've crossed into the Arctic Circle and we now have zero darkness.  The seas look choppy and the winds are strong out on deck once again.  Rob, Bruce, and I had to go up to the top deck to experience the high winds once again...

Our day was quite leisurely with lots of time to hang out on the ship.  We saw some islands off the starboard side of the ship, but not much in the way of other ships.  My nephews spent much of the day in the pool, which was suiting them just fine.  Last night, Rob and I caught the show in the main theater presented by members of the Indonesian crew.  It was truly amateur night, but we had a good time watching them sing and dance.  They were obviously having a blast and the audience was very appreciative.  We have another stop in Norway tomorrow with another tour excursion.  My folks are having a wonderful time on this trip, which is really the point (I'm having fun too, of course) of it.  Today being Father's Day makes me more glad I decided to come along, despite the fact that Stacie isn't here.  :-(      For those of you reading along, thanks for reading and I miss you all.

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