Monday, July 7, 2014

(Not so) Bitter Dregs

Welcome to Bitter Dregs 2.0, Ceremonial Tuskout!

You, the hypothetical reader, may be wondering just what is Ceremonial Tuskout?

This page is the new home for my old blog, Bitter Dregs. That blog grew out of a long series of email postings among friends/family. The subjects usually revolved around movies, home video, and of course Star Trek (plus whatever else I wanted to blather about). As the years went by, the other content went more or less by the wayside and Bitter Dregs became mainly a landing spot for the long-running podcast series Rob, Eric, and I did where we reviewed every Original Series Star Trek episode. Actually, as of today we are still working through Season 3 but I digress.

The host for Bitter Dregs is shutting down so it needed a new home. Recognizing that the blog revolves more around the podcast than anything, I felt it was time for a reboot. If JJ can reboot Trek, then why not the Dregs? While I have always loved the name, I have found that over the years there is at least one other blog or website that uses this name so rather than stubbornly stick to my old name, I felt it was time for a new one.

The Ceremonial Tuskout is an old tradition in my strange family where two people will slowly butt heads like a couple of elephants.

I have no idea if real elephants do this

Here's what it looks like when two family members do this

I could ramble on about how this symbolizes the exchange of ideas and the nature of conflict in the world but mostly I just like the name.

Eric, Rob, and I will continue to podcast and write our reviews which will appear here from now on. We want to continue the podcast but are currently considering where to take it. We are getting pretty burned out on Trek (Third Season will do that to you) so I'm sure it will be something a little different. Will there be other content posted here? Possibly. In the meantime, I will be migrating all the old Trek-related entries from the old site to this one so it doesn't all disappear when the old system is shut down, which will happen at the end of 2014. So until Google shuts down Blogger, off we go!

Update:  I'm re-posting the old "TOS Rewind" entries and a few other items I feel like retaining to this new blog. The podcast audio files will also be moving to a location TBD.

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