Thursday, July 5, 2007

Must Take The Ship!

The time:  The late 1970s

The place:  A split-level house in Rapid City, SD

I sneak out of my bedroom around 11:30 PM; the rest of the house is asleep.  I make my way quietly to the living room and turn on the TV, being careful to turn the sound down low so it won't wake anyone.  Yes, I am getting ready to watch my favorite show, Star Trek.  The channel that ran it back then put it on right after The Tonight Show, which always seemed to run slightly long; 11:35 was the time it was scheduled.  When I was younger than that, I recall watching it in the late afternoons after school.  That was my first real introduction to the show and after that, I sought it out whenever it was being run. 

In those days, as it was for many years, Trek was a normal syndicated TV show.  Local stations were the only ones running it since there were few real cable channels (cable TV for us in those days was a handful of Denver stations and WTBS).  This was in a time when the show had a fanbase, but was far from the franchise powerhouse it would become. 

So why am I writing about this?

I am embarking on a small blogging project in which I will watch the entire Star Trek original series and write something about each one (yes, even the lesser episodes).  I'm doing this because I really haven't watched the show in a number of years and I think it would be fun to reflect on this show that was so important to me growing up (navel gazing alert!!!).  Old friend and fellow Trek fan Eric S will be following along and contributing to posts.  Even though in the old days, the stations never seemed to run the show in any particular order, we're going to begin with Where No Man Has Gone Before and then proceed in original broadcast order.  We will be watching the currently available DVDs and not the new enhanced versions.  So, I'm looking forward to jumping into this and of course, feel free to comment as we go along.  I'm going to try and have the first post out in the next few days.

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