Friday, June 18, 2010

Crushed Entry

2015 update:  another old entry from the previous blog, brought over mainly for curiosity.

I have recently had or observed a few conversations with friends about an old, mostly harmless topic:  crushes on people in the world of entertainment.  This of course is about as flimsy and trifling a topic as I talk about here.  This has little to do with real romance or even sex (at least for most of us!) but perhaps it tells us something about ourselves.  Maybe.  Let's face it, this is fantasy land and sure, I could be prognosticating about politics or the future of technology (I have the word "technology" in my job title, so I must be an expert on it, no?) but sometimes you just want to swim in the shallow end of the pool.   I would love to hear from any of you about this topic, but I thought I should go first.  So, in a desperate ploy to generate comments, I present my list of those in the entertainment universe who I, shall we say, dig.  Dig?

Helen Hunt.  Helen is one of my earliest actress crushes; she and I go way back, so to speak.  I remember noticing her cuteness back in the 1980s on the TV show St. Elsewhere where she played a minor love interest of...hmm, I don't seem to remember the other character, but she apparently stood out.  She has done some good and bad movies, plus her long sitcom run on Mad About You in the 1990s.  I'll always have a soft spot for Helen, even in the not-so-good movies.

Meg Ryan.  After seeing When Harry Met Sally back in 1989, I really thought Meg was simply the hottest thing on the screen.  I am positive that I was far from alone in my appreciation for Ms. Ryan's blend of sweet naivete and pure hotness.  Although my old crush on her has faded over the years, I still emit a slight sigh whenever I see that movie today.

Inara George.  Inara is the vocal half of the pop music duo The Bird and the Bee.  My crush here is entirely on this woman's voice, which I just can't get enough of.  To borrow the expression:  I could listen to Inara sing the phone book (if I had one)!

Mary-Louise Parker.  I first began to appreciate Parker during her stint on The West Wing  Parker's delivery of Sorkin's smart, lightning-fast dialogue with her vivacious presence was irresistible.  Parker has done some other interesting character roles, often non-leading parts in movies.  No matter where I see her, she's damned sexy.  I am currently getting a kick out of watching her play the pot-dealing (smokin'!) suburban mom in the cable show Weeds

So how about it?  Does anyone want to share?  If so, leave it in the comments someplace.

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